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Lake Malawi

Malawi is a country with many tourist attractions, the most popular being Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in the country. Covering 30,000 sq. km, the waters of the lake are full of brightly coloured fish. Often termed as a paradise due to its vastness and golden sand beaches, it is not just ‘sun and sand’ but also provides opportunities for water sports. Though first mentioned by a Portuguese explorer who visited the lake in the 17th century, it was properly documented by Sir David Livingstone just around 150 years back. The fishing in Lake Malawi being rich it contributes to the economy in more than one way. 

There are communities scattered around the lake, the main occupation being fishing. There are also stretches of uninhabited land of lakeshore and crystal clear waters that make you feel transported to a faraway land. Access to the lake is easy via main roads and a small detour off the road to the beaches.

The activities are many, ranging from kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and water skiing. There are plenty opportunities for bird watching and also for game safaris in Liwonde National Park back on land.  In spite of popularity, there is no overcrowding or overtourism around the lake.

Lake Malawi is best visited between early May and late October when the climate is mild to warm with little chance of rain and the risk of malaria is at its lowest. A fun time to visit is every September when there’s a popular festival ‘Lake of Stars’ held in the village of Chipoka.