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Xai-Xai is the capital of Gaza province, with a stretch of beautiful white sand beaches about 10 km from the town center. Many visitors use this location as an over stop when travelling to/further north due to its wide spread of great sea breezes.

Around Praia do Xai Xai beach are incredible beaches such as Chidenguele, Quissico, and Bilene. Access to these areas are possible by fairly good roads, and there are spacious pool chalets and self-catering lodges and restaurants available in all areas hence a perfect location for travelers. Xai-Xai also serves as a waterway for the Limpopo River, the second largest waterway in Mozambique with a catchment area of more than 390,000 sq. km. Around the Limpopo River is a perfect wetland region (Zongoene) which serves as an ideal location for birdwatching.

Several rewarding activities can be done at this destination. For instance the southern part of the Gaza province where Xai-Xai lies has a large spread of lakes which provides an opportunity for the family/group to learn or improve their fishing skills. Sailing, Dhows and fishing are popular activities on the coast of Xai-Xai and the surrounding beaches.

As you move further northwards to the Gaza province, you can visit the ever green Limpopo national park and the Banhine national park. Normally the national park fees are settled directly at the park's office usually located at the entrance of the park upon arrival. The Limpopo national park which shares borders with the Kruger national park of south Africa, has large herds of wildlife who migrate or swap to either parks occasionally in search for food. it is also likely that you may see or might not see all of the "Big Five" at these location, nonetheless the parks are stocked with enough wildlife which are rare and also fascinating.