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by Sunpath Safari
located in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

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Sunpath Safaris are an owner run safari operator with over 30 years experience in the Zambezi Valley area. Their main areas of operation are Mana Pools National Park, Kev's Camp, Zambezi river, Chitake Springs and Lake Kariba.

The safari options offered by Sunpath Safaris are:

Tented Safaris 
Tented camps at Mana Pools on the Zambezi River (Zambezi Camp) and at Chitake Springs Chitake Camp. Simple and comfortable fully backed up tented camps.
At Kev's Camp, 30 km upriver from Mana Pools National Park's western boundary. Accommodates 10 guests. Located in a private concession and motor boat operation is allowed. Activities include fishing, birding and photography.   

At Little Dhumukwa Camp, on the Zambezi River in Mana Pools. Accommodates 10 guests in 5 cottage styled tents. Located on one of the most exclusive sites here. Activities include walking, game drives, day canoeing and specialized photographic safaris. 

At Mana Pools Shoreline Camp, completely mobile tented camp using dome tents and basic ablutions. Accommodates 10 guests who move along with the camp from place to place. Activities include walking and canoeing. 

At Chitake Camp, located at Chitake springs. Specialized walking safaris from tented camp. Accommodates 8 guests. Shared ablutions due to water restrictions. 'Up-close and personal experience' in one of the very intense areas here. Camping is comfortable and allows minimal impact to the environment. 

Sunpath Safaris allows a combination of the above-mentioned camps for an all round Mana Pools experience. 

Canoeing Safaris on the Zambezi River
On Nyakasanga Trail, across Chirundu to Mana Pools. Runs for 4 days and 3 nights all year. Launches below the historic Chirundu bridge, goes through Hurungwe safari area, along the Mana Pool shoreline. Visitors can spend additional nights in Mana Pools on completion of the canoeing.  

On Nyamatusi Trail, across Chirundu to Sapi. Runs for 5 days and 4 nights. Ends at Illala on the eastern boundary of Mana Pools after covering many different sectors of the river. Nights spent on islands. Participatory canoe safaris with all equipment carried in the canoes.
On Mana Shoreline Canoeing / Walking. Runs for 4 days and 3 nights. Starts at Rukomechi and goes from west to east along the Mana Pools shoreline to Sapi Rivers.
MS Special option is with vehicle back up staff setting up camp every night. Canoeing or walking each day. MS Expeditionary option is with carrying of all equipment in the canoes, sleeping on island or mainland at designated stops. Paddling everyday. 
Houseboat Safaris 
Cruising on a fully equipped luxury houseboat on Lake Kariba. Day walks in the Matusadona National Park with a professional guide. Houseboat is moved daily to get the best view of different bays. Activities include fishing on tender boats and wildlife viewing along the shores from the houseboat.  
There are two houseboats available - Unique and Ilios-113. Unique is a more luxurious option available while Ilios-113 is suited for small groups not looking for ultra luxury accommodation. 
Zambezi Expedition 
A tailor-made itinerary suiting to the visitor's interests combining above-mentioned activities. It can include a visit to the Victoria Falls
Recreation of a historic journey on a raft. Sunpath Safaris has built a raft Alda-Mae 2, to drift from Chirundu down the Zambezi river, spending nights on islands or mainland driven by professional guides and canoe guides for a personalized and exclusive experience.


Reasons to stay at Kev's Camp? 

  • Sunpath Safaris is a leading mobile-safari operator 
  • Excellent knowledgeable guides and a true-to-the-wild experience





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