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Cruising along the Zambezi River, Zambia 

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River God Adventure excursions begin below the Kariba Dam gorge and continue 245km downstream to the Mozambique boarder. The route passes through the untouched wilderness of Mana Pools, lower Zambezi National Park and Mupata Gorge which collectively form a UNESCO world Heritage site. One of a kind trips ensure that anyone can experience this new wild adventure upon our custom made vessels. The boat is equipped with everything the modern traveller needs. Families, couples, corporate groups and children are all welcome to experience this adventure with us.

River God Adventure offers a rustic yet very comfortable experience upon its vessels. Each boat is furnished with comfortable beds, cold drinks, exceptional cuisine, professional staff and a safe environment. In addition, these and much more to ensure you have the most comfortable experience in one of the last wild frontiers on the Zambezi river. All the electrical amenities upon our vessels are powered by Solar ensuring an Eco friendly and peaceful environment for our guests and their surroundings.

Reasons to cruise on the Zambezi River

  • One of the most scenic lakes in Africa, known for its sunsets and tree fringed landscapes and wildlife

  • Fishing for various species of fresh-water fish, including the famous fishing tiger

  • A professional guide can accompany the trip, for walking and general guiding from the tenders, at an additional fee.