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Imagine your child's excitement at seeing a lion in the wild for the first time. You have read to your child about wild animals, you have decorated her/his room with pictures and soft toys of his favourite animal characters. You have always wished your child shares your passion for nature and endless things that she has to offer. You have imagined your child grow up to be a wildlife enthusiast, one who is sensitive and respectful towards the wild. Do not think wishful thinking! All your wishes will come true when you bring your family on a holiday to Africa.
Africa is a wonderful destination for a family looking for a holiday full of fun, surprises and learning about wildlife not in books, but in the actual wild! With careful planning and an accurate information about the various lodges and activities suitable for children, a family can have the best vacation they can have possibly imagined. We at Inspiration Zimbabwe are experts at designing the best itineraries revolving around safaris that can be taken as a family. We have personal experience of traveling around the country with kids so we know the best lodges and destinations that offer the perfect environment for children to have a great time in the bush. A long safari in a slow-moving vehicle can be tiresome and boring for a child, hence we can suggest some good combination of activities for children to do along with a safari. Plus our guides are top-notch and have the skills and expertise to keep the child's mind occupied while making it a fun safari experience!
Our recommended lodges have great staff that help take care of the children (few offer babysitting) and that fulfill special requests pertaining to food, bedding and other facilities. We can also offer advise on safety precautions to be taken like anti-malarial prophylaxis, safe clothing and the list of things that are absolutely necessary in the wild. We can suggest specific lodges that cater to your child's interest, for e.g. the lodges that have the best children's swimming pools or are located near the beach if your child wants to enjoy in the water after a tiring vehicle safari. There are few lodges that have an age limit of 12 years and few that do not allow children at all. But the rest are very family-friendly and oriented at offering a wholesome family holiday. There are other activities like interaction with the local villagers, crafts and arts, learning about the local flora and fauna in the lodge campus from an expert, horse-riding and many more! 
We have suggested some good itineraries for you that will set you thinking about taking the next holiday to Southern Africa. Rest assured, call or email us if you have any queries and we will make up an itinerary that is best suited to your family's needs and interests! 

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