Charlotte Dujardin

"Opening your heart to new adventures is the key to new discoveries ..."

Adventurer born, as a child there was never a holiday without some type of sport involved. Whether in Belgium, were I was born and raised, or abroad, every trip or outing had to fulfill my hunger for activity and adrenaline. Which was, I'll admit, probably not the easiest thing to do. As so, long discovering trips  were never really in the picture until I started working for Inspiration Africa. 

From my first big discovering trip with the company, I started realizing that my hunger for sports and adrenaline could be satisfied anywhere in the world and that it could actually bring me so much more to do it abroad. It allowed me to see the world differently, to add some culture and art into the mix. 

Now, I'm still hungry but for so much more!! I want to explore, to discover, to bring from every adventure a new experience whether it is a new sport, a new cross on my adrenaline junky bucket list or just a new way to say hello, to cultivate or to cook a meal. I'm open to every experience that will come in my way and I will make sure to open my heart enough to bring back as many memories as possible. 

The list of countries I visited is not very long yet but be sure than every one I did visit has a special place in my heart. And all those I didn't visit yet, those spaces can't wait to be filled. 



Bruno Van den Bossche

Passionate about Africa in general and Eastern and Southern Africa more specifically, never shy to explore new grounds, meet Bruno VAN DEN BOSSCHE, our Marketing Director. But beware ... his passion is contagious!!!


Marjan van Domburg

Having worked in Cape Town in the tourism industry, Marjan is passionate about Southern Africa. Today she combines the organisation of tailor made trips within the Inspiration Africa team with her activity as family mediator.