Lies Cuisinier

Born in Belgium and bred in Africa - I moved to Rwanda when I was only 6 months old and some years later Malawi became my forever home. When it was time for me to continue my studies I decided to move back to Europe for a few years to study International Leisure Management; specializing in Event Management. This gave me a great base to return to the love my life - Malawi. In 2017 I moved back to my home country and started working as a Travel Consultant, and after a couple of years learning the tricks of the trade, it was time to venture out and expand my horizons - this is how Inspiration Africa in Malawi came to be and I am very excited!!

Travel is not just a job for me - it is a lifestyle - and I urge everyone to add travel to their life's journey. Every country you visit adds an invaluable experience and I truly believe it makes us better people! I still have soooo much to see, but I have already added the following stamps to my passport - Canada, most of Western Europe, Southern Africa (with the exception of Botswana and Namibia) and some of Eastern Africa. I am really excited to keep adding those stamps and experiencing the marvelous places on this planet!

Hands-down my absolute favorite experience so far was when I faced my fear of heights and jumped out of a small shaky plane and got to see Cape Town's coastline from the sky! 100% would do that again!

BUT, Malawi is truly a destination to be reckoned with and still remains my overall fave! I love the diversity of experiences it has to offer, not only do you have your national parks for amazing safari getaways, but you can also hike up one of Southern Africa's highest peaks - Mount Mulanje, swim among the endemic 'Malawi Cichlid's' in Lake Malawi, walk through the rolling hills of Nyika Plateau and relax with a cup of tea beside the Satemwa Tea Estates in Thyolo. There is something for everyone!

"The only person I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa.. for they have so much to look forward to"


Bruno Van den Bossche

Passionate about Africa in general and Eastern and Southern Africa more specifically, never shy to explore new grounds, meet Bruno VAN DEN BOSSCHE, our Marketing Director. But beware ... his passion is contagious!!!