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Mathilde Dupret

I thought for a long time that traveling would only be a hobby ...

As a child, I grew up in a family with a father that traveled as much as carrier pigeons did and a mother as active as the little bees during spring. For me, moving from one place to the other quickly became a habit.
When, as a teenager, sleepovers and camps got me bored, I started to plan my own holiday trips. This is how I organised reunions with parents of friends to convince them to let their teenagers go on holidays with me. My first vacation job at the age of sixteen was in a mountain hut in Switzerland. It was wonderful, half on vacation, half working, and people arriving on the top of the hill with lots of stories to tell!

After High School I went to live in Ecuador for one year. That is when I practiced Spanish, that I learned in the evening school. The result was an adventurous and enriching experience, submerged in a total different culture.
During my studies all I could dream of was the erasmus. After studying civil engineering in architecture, I decided to start in the tourism world as architecture seemed to ‘static’ to me...

I thought for a long time that traveling would only be a hobby, but that turns out differently now.

When traveling, I always look for a varied trip. I don’t like to choose, I just want it all! I like the wide open landscapes of Tanzania, the safari’s on water with mokori of Botswana, the endless views and the beauty of animals able to survive in the most arid regions of Namibia, the vivid green tea plantations and the ocean blue Lake of Malawi, … And yet so much to discover … Hwange National Park, Matopos National Park, Mana Pools and Lower Zambezi, Bangweulu Wetlands, South Luangwa, a trekking on Mount Mulanje, Nyungwe National Park, Lake Kivu, Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi National park, ...

I won’t forget that moment when, on a night safari in Madikwe Game Reserve (South Africa), we discovered a lion with her four cubs eating from a carcass. Imagine the sound of this ... We used the infrared light to not disturb the animals when, suddenly, the lion starts to roar softly. There were hyena’s close by. The lion had to protect her 4 cubs, alone…

One last tip before you go on holidays with us: don’t forget to breath in and then, to breath out again ! Leave your home with a clear mind, free to be filled with new souvenirs and experiences. 


Isabella Togni

Isabella TOGNI fell in love with the magic of Africa after a brief sojourn in Cape Town and never returned back to her native Europe. Through numerous years of discovery, her inspiration is to create unique journeys of unrivaled experience. 



Bruno Van den Bossche

Passionate about Africa in general and Eastern and Southern Africa more specifically, never shy to explore new grounds, meet Bruno VAN DEN BOSSCHE, our Marketing Director. But beware ... his passion is contagious!!!


Lies Cuisinier

Based in Lilongwe, Lies CUISINIER runs our Malawi office. The destination that has stolen the hearts of those who have been lucky enough to experience it! White sandy beaches, mountains, great wildlife, friendly people ... Waiting to welcome you in "The Warm Heart of Africa"!


Charlotte Dujardin

Discovering more and more about Africa is Charlotte's long term goal. Based in Europe, she will be glad to share her growing passion for African wildlife and culture with every traveler willing to open his heart to a new adventure



Pauline Guyot

Pauline GUYOT is our sales & marketing manager. Travel is something that's in her blood and she just loves it! She loves absolutely everything, everything about Africa and she has not yet met anyone who has visited Southern Africa who doesn't want to go back!

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Tejashree Tipnis

Tejashree (Tej) TIPNIS is based in Toronto, Canada. Like everyone who travels to Africa once, Tej still has a lingering memory of the years spent in Zimbabwe. Dedicated as a Travel Liaison Consultant to the North American market, she will help you design and plan meaningful, sustainable and enjoyable African safaris!


Donald Hondo

Based in Harare and as reliable as a Swiss clock in planning creative itineraries!!! Meet Donald HONDO whose 20 years of experience will aim at exceeding your guests' expectations!