Pauline Guyot

Who Am I?

Travel is something that's in my blood and I just love it! I grew up surrounded by family who also love travelling so it became part of me from an early age and I have continued to visit new and exciting places. I quickly discovered from a young age that I had a passion for the African continent! For my twentieth birthday, my family offered me my first trip to Botswana… and something inside me just clicked! This fabulous experience introduced me to the beauties of safaris and certainly led me to chosen my career path. I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management and spent one year in London. After completing my studies, I had the opportunity to do an internship in Cape Town which became my first steps in the tourism industry. Early 2017, I joined the team Inspiration of Africa and I’m now Sales and Marketing Manager. As much as I love travelling, I love the fact that I can play such a big role in making sure our clients have unforgettable holidays with lasting memories!!!

Where did I travel to?

Concerning Southern Africa… I had the chance to visit Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and of course South Africa!

I have also done a fair amount of travelling in Europe - Italy, Spain, UK, Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia etc …. I visited various countries in the Middle-East with my favorite being Oman and Jordan! But there are still a lot of countries I would love to explore!

What I like about Africa

Everything!!! The stunning scenery, the sounds, the people and cultures - it really gives me goosebumps and I have not yet met anyone who has visited Southern Africa who doesn't want to go back!

My Favorite Moment

I have been fortunate to experience so many special and unique travel moments but I would have to say one of my most memorable moments was flying over the Okavango Delta.. It was truly amazing to view this iconic region from above, to see hippos and elephants playing in the water down below. This memory will stay with me for a long time to come!

My Favorite Experience

Two experiences are coming to my mind… The first one was during my first trip to Botswana… we were on the way back to the lodge and we met a group of hyenas. They were very curious and one of them approached our 4x4 vehicle… She was next to me and just looked me straight in the eye for several minutes ... it was a magical moment and I will never forget this “face to face”! The second one is more recent. It was during my last travel to Zimbabwe… I went on a walking safari in Hwange and we had the chance to get very close to a family of Elephants. We watched them for long time and were able to share some of their privacy without disturbing them!

Personal Tips

Always have your camera ready! You never know when you may get an amazing shot ! With that being said, do not always hide behind your camera. You are about to experience an unforgettable moment – stop and take it all in. Breath the fresh air and let Africa restore your soul!!!

My Next Trip

A safari in South Luangwa National Park is on my bucket list! It is one of Zambia’s top safari destinations and known for its largely unexplored areas and walking safaris. I will soon be travelling in Malawi, It’s a fascinating destination, still very unexplored so not touristy at all but has much to offer in terms of wilderness and wildlife - and of course the sensational beaches!


Bruno Van den Bossche

Passionate about Africa in general and Eastern and Southern Africa more specifically, never shy to explore new grounds, meet Bruno VAN DEN BOSSCHE, our Marketing Director. But beware ... his passion is contagious!!!


Isabella Togni

Isabella TOGNI fell in love with the magic of Africa after a brief sojourn in Cape Town and never returned back to her native Europe. Through numerous years of discovery, her inspiration is to create unique journeys of unrivaled experience.