Tejashree Tipnis

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, I was always curious about travel as a little girl. I first had a taste of the wanderlust when I visited Australia at age 12. Looking at the beauty of the corals in the emerald waters of the Golden coast I began to wonder what other lovely secrets our planet held! Since then I have traveled to Dubai, Edinburgh, around England, Afghanistan and finally Africa!
I graduated in Biotechnology from university as I was always interested in genetics and microbiology. I started working in a laboratory and really liked it there but I always thought there was something more, something missing. While I was studying, I used to volunteer for the wildlife NGO WWF and was keen in knowing more about the concept of ecotourism or travel to ecologically sensitive areas. The concept and ideas have evolved since then, but the premise remains the same - how tourism can contribute to the betterment of the local economy and local development while preserving the environment and heritage of the locale.  
This led me to pursue a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Beckett University at Leeds in the UK. Finally finding a purpose, I worked at two resorts in the south of India as a Responsible Tourism Manager and learnt how tourism, if done right, can improve the lives of people in the community and can benefit the ecosystem in the area. This is particularly important in many places in Africa where livelihood of people and protection of wildlife can be highly tourism-dependent. 
Destiny brought me to Africa as my spouse was offered a job in Zimbabwe. In a few months time, I started working with Inspiration Africa as a Travel Consultant. It has now been 4 years with the company and I love every minute of what we do. 
When I started working, I was studying about Zimbabwe and the different places that clients could visit and once I started traveling around, I got to know the country first hand. Zimbabwe is a country of immense natural beauty and of warm people. I don't have a favorite location as each and every one of them is attractive in its own way. But I wouldn't complain if I have to go back every now and then to Lake Kariba and have an aperitif on the lakeshore while reading a nice book! Botswana is another country I am familiar with. The rolling plains of the Kalahari, the inland water system of the Okavango Delta and the rich landscape around the Chobe River makes for a very interesting itinerary and a rather exclusive experience. 
After moving to Toronto, Canada, taking up Marketing and Sales to North American clients only seemed logical. Helping more and more people fulfill their dream holiday in Africa is what Inspiration Africa does!  


Bruno Van den Bossche

Passionate about Africa in general and Eastern and Southern Africa more specifically, never shy to explore new grounds, meet Bruno VAN DEN BOSSCHE, our Marketing Director. But beware ... his passion is contagious!!!