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Experience the calm serenity of gliding through the water in a canoe as you anticipate sightings of wildlife along the riverbanks and in the water itself.  Senses are on full alert as the experience of blending in with the natural environment unfolds.

This is an encounter which allows you to discover life around the water on an intimate level, bringing you incredibly close to all kinds of African creatures, large and small. Watch them drink from the water’s edge, frolic in the water (a splash might come your way!) and generally go about their aquatic business without a flicker of concern for the visitor soaking in the magic.

Canoe safaris are one of the better ways to relax and enjoy the wildlife in the African bush. Canoeing generally involves paddling on your own at a leisurely pace that doesn't require high levels of fitness but it surely requires a mounting interest to watch wildlife go about their daily grind metres from your canoe! We at Inspiration Zimbabwe have suggested the best of the trails used for canoe trips that take you through the most amazing of landscapes and habitats.
Explore the mighty Zambezi river with the best of canoe and walking guides on a canoe safari that combines with walking through the bush or just canoeing for the interested. The canoe trips can be chosen according to levels of comfort, points of interest and number of days. Semi-participatory canoe safaris allow guests to help in setting up camp while the helpers prepare the daydowner meal. The camping equipment, meals and drinks and first-aid kits are all carried in the canoe paddled by the guests. The guide helps the guests navigate down the river while the guests enjoy the peace and tranquility of their surroundings. There are also luxury canoe safaris where guests can sit back and relax while all the camp work is done by professional staff. 
You can paddle down the Kariba gorge towards Chirundu marveling at how nature blossoms after exiting the gorge. Or you can paddle by the Mana Pools National Park Heritage Site passing more than hundred hippos on the way! Or canoe the Upper Zambezi from the Zambezi National Park to Victoria Falls while spotting crocodiles lazying in the river or elephants and buffaloes quenching their thirst in the river's sparkly waters.B You will spot a myriad of wildlife including birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles other than the normal game like the antelope, kudu, zebra, giraffe, impala and sometimes predators like lion, leopard and wild dog.
A tinge of excitement combined with leisurely paddling and an environment that takes your breath away make up a normal day canoe safari and that's what our experts are here to advise you about!