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Combine a safari with rich historical and cultural experiences which have a unique African stamp on them. Follow in the footsteps of explorers; embrace the local customs and discover the history which has shaped modern African societies to become what they are today.

Walk through ancient sites which have been preserved as close to their former glory as possible, giving insight into age-old building techniques and societal ranks.  These are proudly and lovingly looked after by the locals who celebrate their heritage through incorporating ancient customs and rituals into their lives.

Rock art and sculpture are integral elements in African societies and there are many places to view and appreciate excellent specimens of these across the countries which we specialise in.

The locals invite visitors to their villages to learn first-hand about their unique way of life as well as their methods of conservation and preservation.  It is possible to visit for the day or stay for longer; be an observer or get involved, whichever way you choose will have a positive impact.