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With names like Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator and The Washing Machine, you get a pretty clear indication of what you can expect from a day out riding the rapids of the Zambezi River, but there is one thing that can be guaranteed … you are going to get wet…really wet!

Known as the wildest one day run in the world, white water rafting excursions on the mighty Zambezi River are offered from both Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is the only grade 5 river in the world that one can enjoy in a single day!!! The rapids range from a grade 3 to a grade 5 ... the only grade 6, named "Commercial Suicide" is avoided!

It is an adrenaline rush interspersed with calm moments and culminating in victory. Riding the rapids forces you to find your inner hero and the in-between-rapids moments allow you to take in the magnificent beauty of the gorge and its inhabitants ... eagles, birds, monkeys, small crocodiles, etc.

Next to the most popular experience of the single day journey, operators also offer a multiple day itinerary that starts below the falls to end close to lake Kariba, camping on the shores of the river, deep in the magnificent gorges.

The best time of the year is during so called "low water" when the lower water levels take both some strength away from the river and boost the size and volume of the waves ... more fun and less danger.

Last but not least ... one must love water to enjoy!!!