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Return to the authenticity and simplicity of safari life which is superbly enhanced by modern convenience and luxury. This is how you indulge in an African bush experience, Hemingway style. Read on to find out about the best tented safaris camps in Zimbabwe!

Mobile tented camps ensure a deeper connection to the African bush without having to rough-it in any way. In fact, the roughest part of the experience is that there are no walkways, just virgin bush underfoot.

Camps are set up prior to guest arrival with beautiful, remote locations specifically chosen for their proximity to the game as well as, of course, to provide guests with magnificent scenery, an untouched wildness which allows for very special game viewing experiences.  

While there are excellent options for permanent safari lodges in Zimbabwe, one can also opt for a mobile tented camp that moves its location depending on the best game-viewing spots and seasons. It is really something to get out of four walled-rooms into the open where you become a part of the surroundings, delving deep into the heart of the bush. For those who think twice about roughing it out, think no more.

Inspiration Zimbabwe brings to you luxurious tented camp options wherein you come back to a comfortable mattress and a hot shower after an exhilarating day of vehicle safaris, walking safaris, canoeing, boating and many more activities offered by the camp guides.

The camp staff is at your service; whether you need your bed made up or you need a hot beverage or you just need to relax. The beautiful, serene bush is your home for the length of the stay. Lounge in your private tent, enjoy the bush activities, savoir the campfire meals and go to sleep content under starlight.

This is as near as you can get to an authentic African safari experience at amazing campsites chosen by professional guides!