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"All I wanted to do now was get back to Africa.  We had not left it yet, but when I would wake in the night, I would lie, listening, homesick for it already." - Ernest Hemingway. A sentiment shared by most who visit Zimbabwe.

One is never quite sure which element of Zimbabwe is responsible for this …

Perhaps it is due to the big smiles and genuine warmth of the locals encountered along the way, each of them radiating enthusiasm about their country, eager to share its spoils and their knowledge with their guests.



It could be the untouched wilderness areas teeming with wildlife, paired with local, highly experienced guides who are passionately involved in the conservation and future of their corner of paradise giving visitors access to some of the best game viewing opportunities to be had in Southern Africa.

Yet another factor could be the experiential activities on offer, from those that get the heart beating at a million miles a minute (bungee jumping; white water rafting; helicopter flips) and those that quicken the pulse with thrills that cannot be bottled (walking safaris; canoe safaris; elephant back safaris; horseback safaris) to others that gently lull one into serenity and bliss (sunset cruises; hiking; spa experiences).

No matter the reason why one falls in love with Zimbabwe, this giant in the safari arena now roused from its slumber reveals authentic African experiences which are unmatched.

Welcome to Zimbabwe!!!

Zimbabwe is a nation with extravagant scenery and exciting activities. The country offers winding rivers for exploration and relaxing natural parks with beautiful views that vividly displays the nation's efforts in wilderness conservation. Zimbabwe shares the remarkable Victoria Falls, the world(s biggest waterfall, with its neighbor Zambia.

Many travelers who desire to see animals in their natural habitat can have their wish realized. Hwange National Park is the best location to see a huge number of bird species, a population of elephants in excess of 50,000 and over a hundred other species of mammals. Mana Pools National Park, only seasonally accessible, hosts many species such as African painted dogs and other rare mammals in addition to being a mecca for both walking safaris and canoeing safaris. Gonarezhou National Parks boasts some of the nicest scenery and offers you Africa as wild as it gets!

The mighty Zambezi River marks the country's northern border in a succession of unique locations starting with the Victoria Falls, followed by the vast expanse of Lake Kariba - known for its breathtaking sunsets and excellent fishing waters - including the Matusadona National Park, before flowing further east towards the Indian Ocean in Mozambique along the Unesco listed Mana Pools National Park.

Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Botanical Gardens in the Vumba Mountains and great trekking or hiking opportunities in the Rhodes Inyanga National Park in the Eastern Highlands.

Indeed Zimbabwe has many adventurous attractions and tours to offer travelers. Hiking, viewing the natural surroundings, watching the rich wildlife, and observing the art displays among other in Tengenenge, are all spectacular activities to enjoy in the colorful nation reputed for the friendliness of its people.

Zimbabwe is simply an unbeatable destination for adventure travel of all sorts. Not only are its national parks and game reserves among the most abundant and beautiful on the continent, but they also offer unusual types of safari experience that are simply unavailable anywhere else.

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