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A walking safari is the ultimate experience when looking for complete engagement within a natural environment. 

Standing at ground level, right behind a herd of buck as they move on and tasting the dust they kick up in your mouth; closely examining the dexterity of a giraffe as she curls her tongue around sharp white thorns to select the juiciest leaves to eat or perhaps exploring every wrinkle and crinkle on a towering old elephants face. These are the moments that connect a human being to the very essence of nature, and for some, become defining moments in life.

Being so close to the ground allows you to inspect insects, plants and smaller mammals at a closer range which is not possible on a game vehicle, adding further notches on your “seen it!” list.

Walking safaris are a big part of the safari culture in Southern Africa. Walking safaris offer so much more than a vehicle, boat or elephant back safari can because that's the best way to discover more to your surroundings. Imagine walking in the African bush with an experienced guide with no barrier between you and the wildlife, treading the path slowly and steadily, adrenaline rushing through your veins and waiting for a signal from the guide or trying to spot movement!
It is possible to get close to a herd of elephants or other game on a walking safari. This facilitates observing their behavior at a close range which is the most important part of wildlife viewing. 
It is easier to see the smaller details on a walking safari be it insects or indigenous plant life, and also birds that are difficult to track from a vehicle. There are many walking safaris that allow camping and catering on site which is a unique experience in itself. 
At Inspiration Zimbabwe, we have these perfectly designed itineraries that allow you to experience all of the above. How often do you get a chance to sit in the midst of the bush, gaze at the wondrous, bright Milky Way, cook food on a bonfire, exchange stories with other guests or listen to the adventures of your guide? 
So talk to our expert today to book a wonderful walking safari holiday! You will be accompanied by a professional guide who will ensure your safety at all times. We will ensure that the number of people walking with you are limited so that you get the best experience and personalised attention throughout the safari. Check our website for fixed itineraries or call/email us if you want it customised!

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