Donald Hondo

Who am I?

My career started in 1995, fresh from school in the tourism industry. So really, tourism is my life in way. I am patient, pay meticulous attention to detail and have an analytical approach to my work and when working on itineraries I ensure that the whole itinerary is working just like a reliable clock.

Where did I travel to?

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. I have travelled extensively. I have been to the USA, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Mauritius and Malaysia.


What I like about Zimbabwe and Botswana

Other than the fact that I am Zimbabwean by origin, I believe and know Zimbabwe has a lot to offer and is incredibly diverse. From Mana Pools, to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and not forgetting the majestic Victoria Falls. Zimbabwean people are very friendly and genuinely courteous in most respects. Botswana is rich in its game and in a single day in Chobe one can see a wide variety of animals in a short space of time especially in the dry months from September to October, that in itself is a big plus for game lovers.

My favourite moment

I guess one that takes the medal is when I had a European MICE group of 105 people and had a complex itinerary between 2 countries and this itinerary was seamless from the transfers to the theme dinners and activities until their departure 4 days later!

My favourite experience

Playing bagpipes on one of the cruise boats on the Zambezi river at sunset and also being on an educational with 2 Dutch agents showing them parts of Zimbabwe and living through the routes their clients to Zimbabwe travel on throughout the year.

Personal tips

In Victoria Falls, must do’s are Sunset Cruise and Boma dinner, but do not do both of these activities on the same day as one cannot feel the real experience of these 2, they have to be done separately. I suggest too that in a long itinerary around the country one must have just one day somewhere in the middle to just relax and digest everything one has done so far. This will add to the whole experience of the trip by reflecting on the moments and getting a bit of relaxation.

My next trip

Planning to visit the Okavango Delta and Maun area.


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