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Gorongosa National Park

One of the world’s best known conservation areas, this park lies on the south edge of the Great Rift Valley, 80 km north-west of Beira in Sofala Province. Just like the other parks in Mozambique, the Gorongoza National Park also has a wildlife sanctuary where there has been restocking of Lion, leopard, civet, genet, serval, buffalo, elephant, bushbuck, hartebeest, impala, kudu, nyala, oribi, reedbuck, sable, waterbuck, warthog, zebra, vervet monkey, chacma baboon, hippo and crocodile. The bird-life is prolific with over 300 species, including the rare green-headed oriole, having been identified.

Another enchanting perspective is the park’s unique mixture of ecological zones. Within the southernmost part of the Park, about 5370sq km lies the Great Rift Valley and the coastal beach of Beira. The Gorongosa is the most diverse of all, having the Lake Urema in its centre, all other rivers in this region flow directly into the Lake Urema making this wonderful piece of art the heart of the Gorongosa Park.

The over 4,000sq km park has accessible open roads to other areas of the park, and visitors can arrange for guided vehicle safari from the headquarters of the park which is about 15km away from the entry gate. You can do day/night vehicle safari, either ways are possible and recommended, or another way to access the park is through Charter flights from the Beira airport. Other great site is the 1863m “Monte Gorongosa” or Mountain Gorongosa which provides the plain with water that was accumulated from other rivers originating on it. It is known for its captivating waterfalls and rich plant and birdlife activity.

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