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"All I wanted to do now was get back to Africa.  We had not left it yet, but when I would wake in the night, I would lie, listening, homesick for it already." - Ernest Hemingway. A sentiment shared by most who visit Mozambique.

What is it that you seek for? Looking forward to get away from the busy lifestyle of the western world where everyone is constantly in a rush or under some sort of pressure, or are you among the lucky ones who are just looking for a reason to enjoy one of the best destinations on earth, offering you its Unique features such as clear blue beaches, many new international hotels and award winning lodges, the country’s wildlife and game reserves, then Mozambique is the right choice for you.

Perhaps the humble ways of the locals towards outsiders as well as themselves, carrying about their daily duties with so much optimism could influence your thoughts about nature and humanity.

Not forgetting their rich cultural lifestyle which is dominated mostly by agriculture and commercial fishing, where you can find the best prawns and seafood along the coastal area of the country which is mostly known for fishing activities as fishing serves as a source of livelihood to the people at the coast.

Yet your expectations about Mozambique’s culture and natural environment can never be met unless you take the first step…


Welcome to Mozambique!

Mozambique has some of the most attractive and intriguing tourist destinations in Southern Africa. Mozambique's 2,500 km of white, palm-fringed beaches - and the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago in particular – have long been the major draw for tourists. The extensive coral reefs host a dazzling array of unique marine life and offer unbelievable diving and fishing opportunities.

Other exotic destinations includes Pemba; Ibo Island and the Quirimbas Archipelago in the Cabo Delgado province. Over the years many prominent hotels and award winning lodges have sprang up increasingly on these islands and these regions has been very competitive against the Bazaruto Archipelago. Meanwhile somewhere within the Nampula also reveals a historical slave island, the Mozambique Islands where there is more knowledge to acquire from locals and guides who are eager to share the history about their Island to outsiders.

While the coastline provides tourists with enchanting beach life experiences, the wildlife and game reserves also paves way for an adventurous safari experience.

Some of the wildlife such as the Gorongosa national park in Sofala and the Limpopo national park in the Gaza province provides the best grassland and safaris. One can see flamingos, waterbucks, elephants, hippos, lions and birds, dry forest, woodland, savannas, Zebras, buffaloes, rivers, the wilderness etc. The Niassa reserve is also a very wonderful attraction site with its equivalent Niassa Lake flowing a few kilometres away from it.

For Events, cultural festivities, public holidays, sacred villages, arts and crafts, music festivals, restaurants, clubs, movie house etc. Maputo will be the great place to visit. It is the capital city of Mozambique and as such it is very busy in terms of trade and commerce. The neighbouring towns Catembe and Ponto do Ouro in Maputo province acts as the main tourist towns and are known to have the best activities in the city. Traditional ways of life are well preserved in Mozambique – varying from province to province, hence one can experience several mind-blowing traditions exceeding 10 or more traditions covering the whole Mozambique areas.

Just along the coastline of the Maputo is also the Inhaca Island, where there is a blend of city life activities such as clubbing, events and festivals, good restaurants and at the same time have access to the clear blue palm-fringed beach, to enjoy some tan and cool off. As commerce is a very important source of income for both the citizens and the country itself, street side hawkers and vendors will enlighten your day as they go about their daily duties selling the best art designs and wood carving souvenirs, bargaining and offering great deals with customers at the Maputo central Market.

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