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Limpopo National Park

The Limpopo national park together with the Kruger park of South Africa and the Gonarezhou national park of Zimbabwe forms the Peace Park which is known as the Parque International do Grande Limpopo. The Limpopo national park otherwise known as the Great Limpopo Trans frontier Park is in the Gaza province located at Massingir in Mozambique. With numerous different landscapes it is home to the ‘bigfive’ – elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo - and a host of other wildlife including wild dog, hyena, kudu, oribi, hippo and zebra.

Additionally, the Limpopo national park is being restocked occasionally to encourage wildlife population since it is known that some of these wildlife species has been in extinction over the past years.

On the South African side of the Trans frontier park, most visitors use Limpopo as a transit route to Kruger and the Coast. The South African border which is Giriyondo post is just 70km from the Massingir Gate so for those who have permission to enter South Africa could also visit the Kruger national park through the open roads connecting Giriyondo (Kruger) and Massingir.  

Visitors can go on a 4x4 game drive and other activities that can be done at the park includes Hiking from the Barragem de Massingir to the Rio Machampane on the West of the park, guided day and overnight walking safari at the Machampane Wilderness Camp, bird watching, and camping. Not only home to the 30,000 hectare tract of wildlife “Sanctuary” but also a great environment to see local communities with their own livestock, and getting about their daily businesses; feeding their livestock, farming, trading and fishing.

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