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Being one of the oldest settlements along the coast, Inhambane boasts as one of the most beautiful destination in Mozambique. Just like other prominent regions in Mozambique, Inhambane has ancient history dated back to about 10 centuries ago and also has a collection of awesome beaches along its coast. This town still maintains some of the colonial era buildings and the residents have an exotic mixture of different cultures such as Arabic, Indian and African which makes the town very lively and worth visiting.

Centuries ago, this great town used to be famous for its trade in important commodities such as Textiles and ivory, but today it is not too busy or crowded like before since the focus of trade in the region has shifted southwards to Maputo over the years. Nonetheless, there are a lot of exciting activities to do at Inhambane depending on your choice of holiday. Relax at the Tofo or Barra beach together with your friends or partner to experience some of the wonderful Marine life activities. Enjoy live entertainment on the beach, in the form of art shows, ball games or barbecue on a calm afternoon. There is the possibility of finding massage centres near the beach, but normally most accommodations have well trained therapists available to assist you.

How to get to Inhambane and where to sleep is not difficult at all. There are many resorts found on the beaches and fairly accessible roads connects the major touristic areas in inhambane province, otherwise it is also possible to access through chartered flights but note that if you want a chartered flight you will have to arrange this with your tour operator beforehand, so in this case you should arrange it with Inspiration Africa.

Perhaps other intriguing activities such as Dhows, Kayaking, Surfing, Turtle watching, snorkelling, dugong, and Diving could be rewarding sports for you or the whole group. Walking Safari is also possible at the nearest park on the coast which is the Pomene Reserve, but bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will be able to see any of the famous wildlife at this reserve since it is practically smaller than the other parks in Mozambique. Inhambane is a great location because there is always something interesting to do there.


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