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At a massive 1.5 million hectares, Hwange National Park is the largest reserve in Zimbabwe. Named after the local Nhanzwa chief (Hwange Rosumbani), it is located in the northwest region of the country and is one of the last great unfenced wilderness areas giving uninterrupted movement as far as the Okavango Delta in Botswana, for larger mammals.  

A network of approximately 60 pumped waterholes sustains the park throughout the dry season, giving it a higher density of wildlife than would usually be possible ensuring a richer game viewing experience all year round.

This habitat of mainly teak and mopane woodland is interspersed with open plains along age-old river systems and is home to over 108 mammal species (including 19 large herbivores and 8 large carnivores) offering the visitor the highest diversity of mammals of any National Park in the world.

It is also where you will come across one of Africa’s largest Elephant herds (up to 40 000 strong!) which moves between Hwange and Chobe National Park as they follow the seasons. The chances of seeing groups of up to 1 000 of these mighty beasts coming down to the waterhole at the same time is extremely high!

Hwange National Park is not only attractive because of the larger animals, it is also a veritable paradise for bird lovers with over 400 recorded species and it is also home to over 50 different types of raptor.

The outstanding game viewing experiences of Hwange combined with the thrills of Victoria Falls (just 2 hours away by car) creates the ideal safari.   

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