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Often referred to by the locals as “The Matus”, Matusadona National Park takes its name from the local Matuzviadonha Hills (which means “falling dung”). It is located on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, and spans an area of 137 000 hectares.

The park contains all of the Big 5 (although Rhino sightings are rare) and offers a striking landscape which is comprised of three distinct ecological areas; the lake and shoreline grassland, the Zambezi Valley floor and the escarpment, which all make it ideal walking safari territory.

Access to the park is easiest by boat or light aircraft from Lake Kariba.

A highlight on a visit to the park is the abundant bird life of which there are over 240 recorded species, including the majestic fish eagle which is common along the lake-shore and provides excellent photographic opportunities.