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Located in the North East of the country, Harare is the capital (and most populous) city in Zimbabwe.  This is the country’s leading financial and commercial hub, geographically situated at one of the highest points of the plateau which contributes to its pleasant subtropical highland climate.

Harare is often used as a thoroughfare for visitors flying in from around the globe and heading out to their safari experience, but it is well worth a stopover.

This beautiful, tree-lined city houses a number of preserved colonial buildings, and offers a number of excellent museums and art galleries which are home to priceless Africana among other superb exhibits.

Easy access, a good offering of hotels and conference facilities, local people who are dedicated to excellent service delivery, all combine to make this gateway city an excellent option for the M.I.C.E. market.

Zimbabwe's capital city Harare is one of the most cosmopolitan cities north of the Limpopo River in Southern Africa. Harare boasts of an international airport and a good selection of 3, 4 and 5-star hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, night clubs, etc. The city has many historical buildings and monuments.

The National Archives has a priceless collection of maps, sketches, books, diaries and documents, as well as most of Thomas Baines' paintings. The National Art Gallery displays master pieces of the Shona Sculptures and well as hosts frequently exhibitions of both indigenous and foreign works of art. The National Museum's specialty is the Story of Humankind and that of wildlife in Mashonaland.

The capital also offers shopping markets such as Mbare Musika where both fresh produce from farms and traditional crafts from all over the country are available. Another good shopping can be done at such craft villages as The Doone Estate in Msasa.

Ten minutes from the city centre, you'll find Chapungu Kraal and also Dominic Benhura's workshop, where there are magnificent collections of soapstone and verdite sculptures.