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Listed as one of the top 5 ancient ruins in Southern and East Africa, Khami is an ancient city in present-day Zimbabwe. Located 22 km from Bulawayo, to the west of the Khami River, the impressive mortar-less stone structures are believed to have been developed in the 1400's AD.

Khami is a prime example of pre-colonial African civilization, giving the visitor the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the ancestors.

The site is composed of a complex series of stone-built platforms atop which the elite in society lived in large elaborate huts, while the general population lived in the valley below, in simple huts. It is thought that over 7 000 people lived at Khami during its peak.

Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986, Khami has in the past been less visited than Great Zimbabwe, but intensive renovations which have preserved the authenticity of the structures and the building style, have ensured that Khami is fast becoming one of the highlights on a visit to Zimbabwe.